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A joint project between Mike Davis of Lotta Bull BBQ and Kevin Jacques of the University of Que, the Award Winning Meat Revival Beef Injection and Marinade is the best injection and marinade on the market today!  Developed to Revive your meat, our injection packs a lot of flavor and moisture into your brisket and will leave all that taste it begging for more!


To mix, combine 1/4 cup of Meat Revival Beef Injection and Marinade with a 10oz can of beef consume and 10oz of room temperature filtered water.  Shake well to incorporate and refrigerate.  Inject brisket on a checkerboard pattern to keep injection spaced evenly.  

Meat Revival Beef Injection and Marinade

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    Items may be returned within 10 days of purchase for a full refund. Food items (sauces, seasonings, etc.) must be returned unopened, with original factory seal intact. Opened food items will not be accepted for returns/refunds.  



    All items purchased online are usually shipped the next day, thus the time during which an order may be cancelled is very limited. Orders may be cancelled no later than 5:00 p.m. the same day as the order was placed.



    The Lotta Bull BBQ Store will ship items within the United States of America.  We encourage our customer outside of the United States to order from some of the amazing BBQ Supply Companies in your country.  If you don't see a Lotta Bull BBQ Product there, please ask them to carry it.



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