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  • Proud Partner and Co-Owner of Champion Smokers and Grills
  • "6" Time World BBQ Champion
  • "4" Time American Royal World Series of BBQ Grand Champion
  • "4" Time NASCAR BBQ Shootout Series Fan Favorite
  • "92" Grand Championships and "62" Reserve Grand Championships
  • "1370+" Top Ten Awards since we started counting in 1999!!
  • 2010 Jack Daniel's World Championship Brisket Grand Champion (Perfect Score 180)
  • Kingsford Barbeque Championship Series Grand Champion

Try our new Diamond Dust Rib Rub Seasoning today!

The new Meat Revival Brisket Injection and Marinade is here……..

It’s finally here, It’s finally in hand and up on the Lotta Bull BBQ Website and will be on the University of Que Website in the next few days. Prepare for your Brisket to be REVIVED!!! Please be sure to ask your favorite BBQ Supply house to carry it too! Thank you for all the support and feedback during our testing stages. Wholesale opportunities are available as well as for the individual. Retail is $13.50 for a 12 oz bag plus shipping. Hang onto your Brisket, This not your daddy’s brisket injection!!

Mike and Kevin

YouTube Channel – Meat Revival – A Baptism In Smoke

It’s been a while, but Lotta Bull BBQ has been busy busy busy.  Check out our latest Adventure on YouTube,  Meat Revival – A Baptism In Smoke and be sure to Subscribe and Like it while you re there.  Every other Wednesday there will be a new How To Video added to the Channel.  Mike, along with Kevin Jacques of U of Que, have partnered up to bring you some of their favorite recipes.  They will be featuring different smokers, grills and products along the way. And the giveaways are just out of this world.  Be sure to check it out.

When not filming the new YouTube Channel, we are working on the Lotta Bull BBQ Food Trailer.  Check out our Facebook Pages, Lotta Bull BBQ Food Trailer or Mike-Debbie Davis to find out where we will be each day and what is on the Menu for the day.  You can still catch us at Special BBQ Events as well. Stay tuned, lots more to come!!

“ALL-IN” Class Springdale, Arkansas

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for that Pitmaster in your life? Or how about a birthday gift, or maybe even a early Fathers Day gift? Give them a gift that will last a lifetime. Ready for a tune-up, just need to knock the rust off before cranking up a new BBQ season? Well here is your chance to get a leg up on the competition.

We are excited to announce that Tim Gray of Blowin’ Smoke BBQ Team from Belle Vista, AR, will be hosting our new “ALL-IN” Class on January 19-20, 2018.  We will teach you what we do, and what we have done  from start to finish at a KCBS sanctioned contest, and for the first time ever, there will be added recipes from our 25 years of competition cooking (you may be surprised at what you hear!).

We will start at 5:00 on Friday and wrap up the evening around 8:30, then back on Saturday at 7:00 am until no later than 2:00 PM.  This class is for everyone who likes to smoke meats.  You don’t have to be a competition cook to take this class, and we highly encourage you to enroll early.  We encourage couples to come.  This is a sport that is truly a family sport.  This is also a hands-on Class, so come ready to prep meat alongside, Mike Davis, aka, Lotta Bull BBQ, LLC (and who ever else might happen to show up that day, you just never know).

You can reach Tim at (479) 721-3584 or send an email to [email protected] with any questions about location.  The only thing you need is to bring yourself, and paper and pen.  Pictures are allowed, but no videos, Please.

The cost is $350.00 and the Spouse is an additional $50.00, but only your Spouse.  If you have questions for Mike you can reach him at [email protected] Please register on our website, then send payment via PayPal, to reserve your spot, to our email address [email protected] as “friends”. Looking forward to seeing you in a few short weeks!!

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